Seminar Swine: “Sustainability in swine production: environmental, economic, and animal welfare aspects”

In recent years, there is a strong focus on sustainability within the food industry. The main reasons are concerns in society and governments about climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, animal welfare, and antibiotic use. Within animal production, deforestation in soya producing areas and methane and CO2 emissions are main attention points. LCA and carbon footprint help to quantify the factors that are involved and will therefore help to develop sustainable solutions. The swine sector has started several initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve animal welfare. A good understanding of these developments is needed to determine the consequences on, for example, animal performance and feed costs and therefore sustainability of the sector.

For this reason, we would like to invite you to the seminar Sustainability in swine production: environmental, economic, and animal welfare aspects on Tuesday 31 May 2022. During this seminar, experts will provide recent knowledge on applications and developments of sustainability within the swine sector illustrated by concrete examples.



09:00 - 16:30              Technical session

  • Opening and introduction
    Albert van Dijk SFR
  • What does sustainable production mean?
    Ruud Tijssens - Board member FEFAC
  • Environmental foot-printing of feed and nutritional strategies
    Lina von Fricken - Chair EU GFLI Group
  • Towards increased nitrogen efficiency in pig production systems
    Jean-Yves Dourmad, INRAE

Lunch break

  • Possibility of replacing soybean meal with alternative protein sources
    Marco de Mik – SFR
  • Reducing the use of antibiotics and resistance in pigs: the (history) of the ‘Dutch model’
    Jobke van Hout – Royal GD
  • Animal welfare - Long tails: Actual developments and experiences at SFR farm
    Anne Huting - SFR


The costs are € 504,- excl. VAT (or 3 consultancy hours).


The seminar is organised at “De Schakel” in Nijkerk, The Netherlands, combined with a livestream. So you can choose to attend on location or online.


To attend the seminar, please register before 24 May via the red button below.

If you have any questions please contact, we are happy to help you!


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