SEMINAR: “Reducing the energy consumption in feed mills”

SEMINAR: “Reducing the energy consumption in feed mills”

Feed mills face an urgent challenge in reducing energy consumption due to the costs of electricity and natural gas. Furthermore, for sustainability purposes, feed companies are interested in reducing their carbon footprint. Reducing energy consumption may play a role in that matter. Feed Design Lab, Zetadec and SFR organize a seminar to give an overview on how to reduce energy consumption and the link with nutrition.



The seminar will begin with the presentation of Eric Vissers from Feed Design Lab. He highlights the 5 largest energy consumers in the feedmill process, focusing on what plant managers can do to target the same production with less energy.

Menno Thomas of Zetadec will demonstrate a three-step approach for saving energy: Are your settings optimized? Which equipment is available and can save energy and finally, future strategies and equipment that take energy savings to the next level.

In conclusion, Albert van Dijk of SFR explains what the nutritional consequences of the proposed measures are for pigs and poultry in terms of digestibility, growth performance and health.


The costs are € 336,- excl. VAT (or 2 consultancy hours).


The seminar is organised at “Restaurant Campman” in Renkum (Hartenseweg 23), the Netherlands, combined with a livestream. Therefore, you can choose to attend on location or online.


To attend the seminar, please register before 1 November via the red button below.

If you have any questions please contact, we are happy to help you!


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