SEMINAR: Low protein swine feeds: effects on performance, (gut)health and environment - ONLINE

The current extremely high prices of virtually all protein-rich feedstuffs raise the question; “How low can we go in crude protein without impairing performance?”. From a nutritional and environmental perspective, it is also advantageous to minimise the protein input in animal feed. Reducing the protein content can benefit the gut of young animals or animals with high disease pressure. Low crude protein feeds reduce the impact of heat stress and can help maintain performance. Governmental regulation might impose restrictions on the crude protein content of f.i. finishing feeds. How can this be achieved? What nutritional tools can be used in feed formulation? What feeding strategies can help reducing the protein levels? What are the pitfalls to be taken into account?



Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the seminar will be organised in an online platform.


The costs are € 498,- excl. VAT (or 3 consultancy hours).


To attend the seminar online, please register before 30 April 2021 using the following link: 

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