Seminar: “Extended laying period for laying hens, where do we stand in 2020?”

In 2009 Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) organised a symposium about the extended laying period. At that moment, it was stated that we would keep laying hens until 100 weeks of age with 500 eggs per bird in 2020. Now it is 2020, and indeed we are able to keep hens until 100 weeks of age. Therefore we organise a seminar on the same topic as ten years ago, to discuss what it brought us and which challenges we still have to face. Like in 2009, we will consider genetics, egg quality, performance, health, economics, and latest research performed at SFR.

Date and location

The seminar will be organised on Thursday 1 October 2020. If the situation regarding Covid-19 will not change, we will meet in Ampt van Nijkerk. Of course this will be according the Dutch regulations regarding Covid-19.

We will also provide a live streaming of the seminar for everybody who is not able to travel or not able to meet face-to-face. During the live stream it will be possible to ask questions through a live chat.



The costs are € 486,- excl. VAT (or 3 consultancy hours).


If you want to join the seminar at Ampt van Nijkerk you can register through the following link: registration poultry seminar or by clicking the red "inschrijven" button. 

If you want to join the seminar online, you can register through the following link: registration for online poultry seminar


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