SAVE THE DATE - Poultry Seminar : “Alternative protein sources for poultry feeds”

The current high price of virtually all protein-rich feedstuffs, in combination with the high dependency of soybean meal imports in the EU, has increased the demand for alternative protein sources in poultry feeds.

Legislative changes are aiming to stimulate “circular economy” in the EU by lifting the ban on the use of processed animal proteins (PAP’s) of swine, poultry and insect origin. Moreover, the production of alternative (vegetable) protein-rich ingredients and their by-products is promoted.

Many questions about governmental regulation, economics and potential application of alternative vegetable and animal protein sources on animal feeds are raised at this moment by the feed industry.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to our seminar “Alternative protein sources for poultry feeds” on Thursday 14 October 2021. This seminar will provide recent knowledge on the different protein sources available for poultry feeds and provide insights into further directions towards the application of some novel protein sources in practice.


The costs are € 498,- excl. VAT (or 3 consultancy hours).


The seminar is organised at “De Schakel” in Nijkerk, The Netherlands, combined with a livestream. However, whether the event can take place on location depends on the COVID-19 restrictions at that time. If the restrictions do not allow on-site meetings, the seminar will be organised in an online platform only.


You can register either to attend the seminar on location or the live stream.

To attend the seminar in “De Schakel” in Nijkerk, please register before 1 October 2021 using the following link:
on location registration

To attend the seminar online, please register before 10 October 2021 using the following link:
online registration

If you have any questions please contact, we are happy to help you! 


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