Experimental animal policy

Schothorst Feed Research conducts research on dairy cattle, swine and poultry at our own experimental facilities. In some cases, it is necessary to carry out more intensive measurements than only ensuring growth. The animals used for this type of research are considered to be experimental animals and this research is subject to the "Dutch Wet op Dierproeven" (Experiments on animals act, WoD).

The responsible handling of test animals is a top-priority at Schothorst Feed Research. All our research is conducted in accordance with the WoD. An independent inspector from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) monitors that the WoD is applied correctly and adhered to at all times. On the basis of critical self-analysis and continuous evaluation, Schothorst Feed Research contributes to the three Rs of ethical animal testing: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

Schothorst Feed Research:

  • always tries to reduce the use of experimental animals
  • has set out clear policy for executing animal experiments
  • has all tests that fall under the WoD ethically assessed by an accredited, non-partial committee prior to conducting them
  • ensures that all employees who work with the test animals have the relevant and legally required qualifications
  • has an internal committee that evaluates research proposals for animal experiments
  • enforces the same stringent rules if research is contracted to third parties
  • invests in the development and validation of alternatives for animal tests, for example by developing in vitro techniques.