Laying hen facilities

Our laying hen facilities house approximately 25,000 laying hens. These modern facilities have 72 testing pens for experiments that can fit 330 laying hens each. About seven million eggs are produced each year.

Broiler facility

The broiler facilities house 26,000 broilers in seven rounds. The facilities have 32 floor pens that can fit up to 820 broilers each. About 400,000 kg of meat is produced each year.

Swine facilities

Schothorst Feed Research has 400 sows and 3,000 growing-finishing pigs (three rounds per year). About 900,000 kg of meat is produced each year.

Poultry laboratory facilities

Schothorst Feed Research has its own facilities for digestibility studies and infection studies. This facility consists of a department with 36 testing units and a department with 96 testing units. Housing is in accordance with EU regulations

Office and laboratory

The office and the laboratory are located next to the experimental facilities. This ensures effective daily communication between all those involved in the research. The laboratory performs analyses on products that are fundamental for the research purposes of Schothorst Feed Research.


Ruminants facilities

Schothorst Feed Research has 230 high-yielding dairy cattle and 150 young stock. From the age of fourteen days, the young stock are kept in age groups. Our dairy cattle produces approximately 2,400,000 kg of milk each year. 

Feed silos

There are more than 100 feed silos on our premises, divided between the different facilities.


Schothorst Feed Research has 135 hectares of farmland. This allows us to conduct research on the impact of fertilization, harvesting techniques, and ensiling techniques.