The foundation of our knowledge about animal nutrition has been shaped by years of research at our own facilities. Schothorst Feed Research has modern facilities ranging from small-scale facilities to practical-scale facilities. Our research meets all national and European standards.

Schothorst Feed Research has specialized knowledge in the following areas:

  • Development of modern feed evaluation systems for poultry, ruminants and swine.
  • Feedstuff evaluation.
  • Determination of the nutrient requirements of the different animal categories.

In consultation with the market, Schothorst Feed Research decides which topics will be researched. We are currently conducting research on the following topics:

  • Reducing the use of antibiotics.
  • Nutrition for intact laying hens.
  • Alternative feedstuffs.
  • Feeding strategy to prevent gastric ulcers in swine.

While nutrition remains the core focus, we are always searching to expand our knowledge by connecting nutrition to animal health, welfare, housing, environment, and technology.



The research conducted by Schothorst Feed Research makes a positive contribution to the production, health, and sustainability of ruminants. Schothorst Feed Research has 230 high-yielding dairy cattle and 150 young stock for ruminant-related research housed in a modern practical-scale facility.

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Schothorst Feed Research conducts research on broilers, laying hens, turkeys, ducks, and parent stock. The research conducted by Schothorst Feed Research makes a positive contribution to the production of poultrymeat and eggs. The possibilities for research are described for each animal category.

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Schothorst Feed Research conducts nutrition-related research on pregnant and lactating sows, piglets, and growing-finishing pigs. The most important topics that we address are the relationship between nutrition and efficiency, and animal health and the environment. The possibilities for research are described for each animal category. 

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Online document databaseSchothorst Feed Research puts renewed experimental facilities for broilers into operation.

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"All of this makes that the collaboration with Schothorst in the last 12 years for us has been very satisfactory"Suso Mendez, nutritionist Coren (Spain)
"Commercial nutritionist need to have an independent, trustworthy and scientifically orientated technical partner. AFGRI Animal feeds have found this assurance in our technical partners at Schothorts Feed Research"Dr. Franscois Crots, Technical & Sales Director Monogastric Nutrition
"With SFR’s inputs, we increased the accuracy of feed ingredients energy and nutrients values"Dr. Paul Lu R&D director DaChan Greatwall Group