Successful Feeds and Nutrition Course

Publication date: 27-06-2017

From 12-17 June 2017 Schothorst Feed Research organised a successful Feeds & Nutrition course. More than 130 participants from all over the world attended one or more course modules. The participants were a wide variety of people working in the feed and allied industry.

The F&N Course offered an in depth practical training, focussing on dairy, swine and/or poultry nutrition, feed formulation, feed processing and quality assurance. Different modules were offered during one week. The participant made a custom made program based on their interests.

The course also acts as a network event. During the courses, participants were able to learn from each other. In the evening, two social events were organised. On the first course day we sailed along the Zaanse Schans while enjoining a nice diner. On Thursday there was a joint diner in Zaandam at which some typical Dutch appetizers were served.

At the end of the course week an excursion was organised. In the morning we visited Denkavit. Denkavit is a specialist in feed for young animals. At the laboratory it was explained how Denkavit deals with feedstuff intake. Subsequently the swine and veal facilities were visited. After a nice lunch the excursion went to the Rondeel house in Barneveld. Rondeel is a layer farm in which the layers are housed based on the natural needs of the laying hen.

We would like to thank all participants for their contribution to the Feeds and Nutrition course!!!

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