Venky’s, big in poultry in Asia

Publicatiedatum: 14-08-2017

SFR is very proud to welcome the Venkatershawara Hatcheries group from India as new member for the Advanced Feed Package. This VH group, in the world known as Venky’s, is the biggest integrated producer of poultry products in Asia

Not only producing poultry feeds, but also very big in breeding and hatching of broilers and laying hens, in producing vaccines for poultry, slaughtering broilers and selling egg and poultry meat products in their fast food restaurants, all under the name Venky’s..

In 1971, Dr. Rao, founder of the company, started his poultry business in Pune, close to Mumbai, India. Nowadays the second generation with Mrs. Anuradha Desai as the chairperson of the holding is in charge of this company, totally employing 30,000 persons. She was the first woman to be elected as President of World Poultry Science Association in 1996. It shows the involvement of this family and company in the poultry business, not only in India but also in other parts of the world.

As SFR, we hope that the collaboration between Venky’s and SFR will be successful and that we may contribute to the further development of Venky’s, especially at the production of poultry feeds.

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