SFR at Eurotier webinars.

Publicatiedatum: 07-12-2016

At EuroTier 2017, All About Feed, Pig Progress, World Poultry and Dairy Global organised several webinars and seminars. For two of those seminars, SFR researchers were invited as speaker:

  • Ellen van Eerden opened the seminar “Maintaining gut health in poultry“.
  • Wilfried van Straalen was first speaker at the seminar “Milking cows in a healthy and sustainable way”.



Title of the presentation of Ellen was “Intestinal health: get it right”. Ellen presented some of the most important factors that are associated with intestinal health. The impact of early development of the bird right before and after hatch, the role of the microbiota, and the immune system were briefly discussed, but the emphasis was on feed and nutrients. More insight in the interrelationships between all these factors may help in understanding how to get intestinal health right.



Title of the presentation of Wilfried was   “Ruminant nutrition to support a sustainable dairy production”. Nutrition of dairy cows plays an important role in sustainable dairy production. Sustainable dairy production includes optimal productivity, animal health and fertility, use of (local) feed resources and efficiency in the utilisation of N, P and energy (methane). There is lot of knowledge on how milk production and composition can be manipulated by nutrition, and currently more and more information on effects on fertility and health is available. However in the current Net Energy systems the difference between high and low fermentable feedstuffs and the impact on rumen acidosis, or the effect of saturated or unsaturated fatty acids on milk fat production is not included. To use this information Schothorst Feed Research has developed the E-dairy model that describes all steps in rumen fermentation, intestinal digestion and fermentation and metabolism. Different types of nutrients (glucogenic, lipogenic and aminogenic) can be calculated with this model. Using this nutrient approach also improvement of metabolic status and fertility can be obtained. In the webinar examples of the use of the E-dairy model is presented.

Both webinars can be watched via the following link:

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