Lectorship Precision Feeding

Publicatiedatum: 29-06-2017

Feed optimisation with attention for both animal health and environment is the core of the new lector ship Precision Feeding in which Aeres University of Applied Science Dronten and Schothorst Feed Research will collaborate from 1 September onwards. Laura Star is appointed as lector and she will contribute to the content and design of education, research and delegation of knowledge in the area of precision feeding.

Whit the lector ship precision feeding, Aeres University of Applied Science Dronten and Schothorst Feed Research respond to current developments in livestock farming. The lector ship focusses on precision feeding, animal health and environment in pig and poultry husbandry.

Precision feeding aims at optimisation of nutrient utilization, increased efficiency and the prevention of nutritional disorders by collecting and interpreting digital data. The subject animal health will focus on the contribution of animal nutrition to animal health in order to further reduce medicine use. The third subject is environment. This area of interest will focus on the contribution of animal nutrition to reduction of undesired excretion.

Star has 9 years of experience at Schothorst Feed Research and a comprehensive background in animal nutrition. After her study Animal Science at Wageningen University she completed a Ph.D in poultry after which she started to work in animal nutrition research.  

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"All of this makes that the collaboration with Schothorst in the last 12 years for us has been very satisfactory"

Suso Mendez, nutritionist Coren (Spain)

"Commercial nutritionist need to have an independent, trustworthy and scientifically orientated technical partner. AFGRI Animal feeds have found this assurance in our technical partners at Schothorts Feed Research"Dr. Franscois Crots, Technical & Sales Director Monogastric Nutrition