Coccidiosis, a worldwide problem

Publicatiedatum: 28-09-2022

Coccidiosis is one of the most important poultry diseases worldwide, leading to reduced animal health and welfare and resulting in economic losses.

Applying coccidiostats is one of the most commonly used methods to control coccidiosis. Coccidiostats and are authorized as feed additives in the EU. However, the ionophore group of coccidiostats has also antimicrobial effects, which raises questions regarding the development of antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals.

Poultry production concepts without the use of coccidiostats face questions like: which aspects in poultry production have to be taken into account? Which alternative strategies are available, and are they equally effective as coccidiostats?

To address these questions, we organise the seminar “Using coccidiostats or alternative strategies: challenging choices” on Thursday 13 October 2022. During this seminar, experts will provide recent knowledge on the control of coccidiosis in the current poultry industry, illustrated by concrete examples from research and practice.

You can choose to attend this seminar on location in Nijkerk, NL or via livestream via the following link: Registration. Please register before the 10th of October. Registration is open to anyone interested in this topic.

More information regarding the program, costs, or registration can be found on the website.




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