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Effect of debeaking on laying hen performance

Publication date: June 12, 2017
Source: Poultry world

From 2018 onwards, it will be forbidden to debeak laying hens in the Netherlands. For poultry farmers affiliated to the German KAT association the ban on beak trimming has been in place since the start of 2017. Dutch animal nutrition facility, Schothorst Feed Research, in collaboration with seven Dutch feed mills (ABZ Diervoeding, AgruniekRijnvallei, CAV Den Ham, E.J. Bos, ForFarmers, Vitelia and Voergroep Zuid), performed a study in which effects of dietary treatments on production performance of debeaked and non-debeaked laying hens were tested. Large differences in performance between debeaked and non-debeaked laying hens, irrespective of dietary treatment, were found.

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Animal fat: Nutritious ingredient for animal diets

Publication date: May 2015
Source: All about feed

Adding a feed or oil ingredients supplies the animal with essential fatty acids, needed for production and growth. The effectiveness of including a fat or oil depends on the total feed formulation. In this article it is explained what nutritionists shoud consider.

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Open Acces "Facts about fats"Roger Davin: New researcher at SFR

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"»It is especially regarding the energy evaluation, and especially for alternative rawmaterials that we acquire knowledge from Schothorst. Fiber fraction is probably the area where there is the greatest difference between Danish and Dutch feed evaluation”."Hans Aae, Group R&D Director at DLG Group