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New manager Sales & Consultancy

Publication date: 04-05-2021

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SFR contributes to a more sustainable animal protein production.

Publication date: 03-12-2020

The worldwide need for protein sources for pig and poultry feed increases on a yearly basis. The main drivers are growth of the world population and increasing welfare of people.
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Publication date: 03-12-2020

Schothorst Feed Research and Wageningen Livestock Research, together with partners from the animal feed chain, are looking to upgrade circular raw materials into valuable animal feeds. As part of this investigation, a press release has been distributed and has been adopted by various media.
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Column Francesc Molist: A good stomach function helps piglet gut health

Publication date: 30-11-2020

From time to time, Dr. Francesc Molist, R&D manager at Schothorst Feed Research, will share his views on swine nutrition. In this contribution for Pig Progress, he explains why it is good to help piglets achieve a low stomach pH after weaning.
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New poultry consultant: Jan Dirk van der Klis

Publication date: 03-11-2020

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SFR contributes to EU-project to find alternatives for colistin and zinc oxide in pig production

Publication date: 03-08-2020

Schothorst Feed Research proudly presents their participation in a five-year EU-project aimed at finding Alternatives to Veterinary ANTimicrobials (AVANT), in particular for those used to treat piglet diarrhoea caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC). In the AVANT project, SFR collaborates with 13 partner organizations from nine countries, including the University of Copenhagen, Biomin, the Royal Veterinary College and Wageningen Livestock Research.
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Publication date: 14-04-2020

The coronavirus is spreading around the world at great speed, nobody will have missed that. In the Netherlands, it has shutdown almost everything. Our government has introduced an “intelligent Lock-down”. This to minimize the spread of the virus, but to allow the economy to continue as much as possible.
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Milestone MySFR achieved

Publication date: 02-03-2020

The online feedstuff matrix MySFR has experienced exponential growth since its introduction, with the milestone of 200.000 calculated feedstuffs now being reached. A great achievement of the only online nutritional database in the world where nutritionists from all over the world can connect their feed optimization software at any desired location and calculate their feeds.
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Improving circularity by using residues and co-product as feed material

Publication date: 02-04-2019

Thirteen companies and research institutes have started a public private partnership to increase the use of co-products and residues as feed materials.
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Feeds & Nutrition 2019

Publication date: 14-02-2019

This year Schothorst Feed Research has organised the Feeds & Nutrition course for the 9th time. The Feeds & Nutrition course is a yearly recurring course that is specially designed for animal nutrition specialists. The 9th edition was held 3-7 June 2019 at the Inntel Hotels in Zaandam, near Amsterdam.
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"All of this makes that the collaboration with Schothorst in the last 12 years for us has been very satisfactory"

Suso Mendez, nutritionist Coren (Spain)

"Commercial nutritionist need to have an independent, trustworthy and scientifically orientated technical partner. AFGRI Animal feeds have found this assurance in our technical partners at Schothorts Feed Research"Dr. Franscois Crots, Technical & Sales Director Monogastric Nutrition