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Schothorst Feed Research’s 7th Feeds & Nutrition Course 12-16 June at Zaandam (Netherlands).

Publication date: 22-03-2017

The F&N Course has become an annual unique and growing event where specialists from the international feed and nutrition industry meet and share knowledge.
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Collaboration Schothorst Feed Research and Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Publication date: 02-02-2017

Because of current developments in livestock farming, Schothorst Feed Research and Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten see opportunities for collaboration in livestock nutrition.
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SFR at Eurotier webinars.

Publication date: 07-12-2016

At EuroTier 2017, All About Feed, Pig Progress, World Poultry and Dairy Global organised several webinars and seminars. For two of those seminars, SFR researchers were invited as speaker: Ellen van Eerden opened the seminar “Maintaining gut health in poultry“. Wilfried van Straalen was first speaker at the seminar “Milking cows in a healthy and sustainable way”.    
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Grazing experiment at Schothorst Feed Research

Publication date: 01-11-2016

A grazing experiment was carried out at Schothorst Feed Research from June until September 2016. This experiment is part of a larger project were the main research topic is the combination of grazing and reduction of ammonia emissions. This project was financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed in collaboration with NMI-Agro.
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Non-debeaked laying hens

Publication date: 18-08-2016

From 2018 onwards, it is forbidden to debeak laying hens in the Netherlands. For poultry farmers affiliated to the German KAT association the ban on beak trimming will be valid in 2017. Several Dutch feed companies took part of a collective research for laying hens. In this study effects were tested of dietary treatments on production performance of debeaked and non-debeaked laying hens
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Presentation of the comparison of phytase efficacy in broiler and turkeys

Publication date: 21-03-2016

During the 16th Turkey Science and Production Conference in the UK, Cees Kwakernaak has presented results of phytase research with broilers and turkeys. Based on tibia ash content it was concluded that phytase efficiency in young turkeys and broilers was comparable.
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Advanced Feed Package output day

Publication date: 19-02-2016

On Wednesday 17 February Schothorst Feed Research had organised the yearly advanced feed package output day. The participants have noted the results of the advanced feed package research. Schothorst Feed Research also presented ideas for future research.  
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Memorendum of Understanding

Publication date: 11-12-2015

Schothorst Feed Research and National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) from South Korea have signed a memorendum of understanding. This agreement intents to stimulate the national economy of South Korea, and especially the agricultural industry and farmers. The memorendum of understanding mentions a.o. that Schothorst Feed Research will do consultancy for several feedmills in South Korea
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New CEO: Lieuwe Roosenschoon

Publication date: 08-04-2015

The non-executive board of Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) has appointed Ir Lieuwe Roosenschoon (56) as CEO of SFR. Ir Roosenschoon graduated in Animal Sciences from Wageningen University. During a long career at Nedap NV, a leading organization in innovative technical solutions for ao livestock management, he has held positions in R&D management and International business Development. Recently he was sector manager Ruminants at the Animal Health Services in the Netherlands.  
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