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12th Edition of Feeds & Nutrition Course Offers Customized Learning Experience

Publication date: 31-05-2023

Schothorst Feed Research is proud to announce the highly anticipated 12th edition of the Feeds & Nutrition Course. With a diverse range of topics and a flexible program structure, this course provides an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the feed industry to enhance their knowledge and skills.
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Monitoring water intake in broilers

Publication date: 15-05-2023

In feeding trials with broilers, measuring water intake is very useful: experimental diets may influence water intake, and, thereby, affect production performance. The water-to-feed ratio is an important parameter in nutritional studies. When birds do not drink, they eat less, and vice versa. Monitoring both feed intake and water intake enables researchers to detect possible health or welfare issues at an early stage.
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How to reduce nitrogen excretion in poultry production?

Publication date: 02-05-2023

Lowering dietary crude protein levels is probably the best tool to reduce the nitrogen excretion and ammonia emissions from poultry farms. Additional benefits of low protein diets include less dependency on imported protein sources (like soy). “When we lower the amount of crude protein, we need to ensure that the amino acid requirements of the birds are still fulfilled”, says Roger Davin, poultry researcher at Schothorst Feed Research: “Animals need amino acids, not crude protein.”
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Matthias Schilde: New Researcher Ruminant Nutrtion

Publication date: 28-03-2023

In February Matthias Schilde has started as a Researcher in the R&D Ruminant Nutrition team of Schothorst Feed Research.
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BASF and Schothorst Feed Research collaborate to improve the environmental impact of the feed and animal protein industry

Publication date: 28-02-2023

BASF´s software solution Opteinics™ is the “solution of choice” for real-time, environmental footprinting Schothorst Feed Research will integrate Opteinics™ into its global feed consultancy services Collaboration to foster digital integration of animal protein value chain for improved farm-to-fork transparency
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What is the nutritional value of poultry-based PAPs for use in pig diets?

Publication date: 27-02-2023

In the EU, processed animal protein (PAPs) have been readmitted as a nutrient-rich and sustainable feed ingredient in monogastric diets, but the animal nutrition industry has outdated knowledge on how to utilize them.. Read this artikel on FeedNavigator
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Balancing Animal Nutrition for local Animal Production

Publication date: 19-01-2023

As global population is growing and per capita income is increasing, the demand for animal protein will increase. Global animal protein production volume is expected to grow at an average of 2% until 2035.
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Long-term challenges for the feed industry to feed the world population

Publication date: 03-11-2022

On 23 March 2022, SFR attended the 64th Intercoop Animal Feed Congress in Salzburg, Austria. One of the speakers was Professor Wilhelm Windisch, Chair of Animal Nutrition, Technical University of Munich. He gave a presentation entitled: “Challenges faced by compound feed producers in ‘sustainable’ livestock production – Which short, medium, and long-term measures need to be implemented?” The current newsletter provides a summary of this presentation, as well as information from the speaker’s recent publications. Moreover, it will be explained how SFR can contribute to find solutions to these challenges for the feed industry.
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Virtual Tour SFR-Farms

Publication date: 28-10-2022

New at SFR! Virtual tour of animal facilities.
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Coccidiosis, a worldwide problem

Publication date: 28-09-2022

Coccidiosis is one of the most important poultry diseases worldwide, leading to reduced animal health and welfare and resulting in economic losses.
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