Actual news

Coccidiosis, a worldwide problem

Publication date: 28-09-2022

Coccidiosis is one of the most important poultry diseases worldwide, leading to reduced animal health and welfare and resulting in economic losses.
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Knowledge from research into practice

Publication date: 20-06-2022

Last week Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) organised the 11th annual Feeds & Nutrition course. An event with the aim of translating recent research knowledge into practice. Professionals from the (compound) feed sector were updated on different developments by the specialists of SFR. The programme offered a lot of information for the animal feed sector. It was an exciting 5-day event with plenty of room for discussion, networking and knowledge sharing. Over 70 nutritionists, veterinarians, product managers and sales managers from all over the world came together to share the latest scientific insights.
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Male layer chicks promising first results

Publication date: 17-06-2022

There are increasingly more developments in Europe with regard to the regulation of male layer chicks. These male layer chicks were previously often culled as day-old chicks but due to stricter legislation, for example in Germany, these male layer chicks must now be reared or selected via an in ovo procedure. Last year, Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) conducted the very first study into various feeding strategies with regard to the rearing of these male layer chicks. SFR investigated which strategy was the most cost-efficient without impairing animal welfare.
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SFR announces 11th edition of the Feeds & Nutrition course 2022

Publication date: 13-04-2022

This year Schothorst Feed Research organises the Feeds & Nutrition course for the 11th time.
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85 years of knowledge in one database

Publication date: 05-01-2022

Since 1934, SFR has been conducting nutritional research in dairy, poultry, and swine. The data collected in the last 10 years have been merged into one big database. Due to this combination, various connections and trends can be evaluated. Connections and insights that cannot be evaluated with a single study because the study then takes too long or becomes too expensive.
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Long tails in pig farming

Publication date: 07-12-2021

From 2030, Dutch pig farmers will no longer be allowed to cut the tails of pigs preventively. At the moment, docking is tolerated if you can prove that it is necessary at your company. Only a veterinarian can decide that docking is essential for the animals, although a lot of the pig farmers still use this option. Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) is a nutritional research company with 370 sows where more than 30 piglets are raised per year. Animal welfare is very important at SFR, because of this, it has already been decided in 2019 to stop preventive docking of tails.
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SFR investigates methane production of dairy cattle

Publication date: 19-10-2021

In November 2020, a methane emission project started at SFR. The current social issues regarding emissions from livestock farming require pragmatic solutions. SFR is therefore investigating how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced through sophisticated feeding of farm animals. This project has been financed by SFR's own innovation budget. Collaboration with other interested parties is certainly possible in the future.
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Least cost formulation for Ruminant, Swine and Poultry diets

Publication date: 08-09-2021

SFR is constantly developing and improving knowledge about feedstuff and by-products composition and nutritional requirements. SFR has facilities for laying hens, broilers, dairy cows and swine to develop and evaluate new concepts of production. The SFR feedstuff list contains more than 400 feedstuffs and is updated yearly. The feedstuff list contains standard chemical compositions as well as specific nutrients from SFR based on own research. In addition, the SFR feed recommendations are used for the formulations in the Least Cost Formulation report.
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Publication date: 07-09-2021

In August Vanessa Lagos has started as a Researcher in the R&D Poultry team of Schothorst Feed Research.
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SFR puts new roughage reweigher into operation

Publication date: 12-08-2021

Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) has started using the new roughage reweigher. The old feed return weigher was more than 30 years old and needed to be replaced. This new weigher has been developed together with GEPES and SFR into a machine that meets all requirements.
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