Incompany training

Every organisation is unique and every organisation has its own nutritional issues. With an incompany training we can aim on your specific nutritional questions. SFR can offer a training that is conform your needs. An incompany course can be used for your employees but also as part of a customer event.

An incompany training has the following advantages over an open registration course:

  1. You can identify the subjects to be discussed during the course.
  2. We can start at the right knowledge level.
  3. You can decide who will participate in the course and what will be the maximum number of participants. So you can also decide to discuss company specific issues.
  4. You can decide about the location and timing of the course.


Example Incompany training:

Excursions: Possibility to visit a swine farm / poultry farm / dairy farm / feed mill.

Example of available modules training Swine nutrition:

  1. Energy and amino acid evaluation
  2. Promoting intestinal health of piglets
  3. Nutrition of growing pigs
  4. Gestating sow nutrition
  5. Lactating sow nutrition
  6. Feed processing
  7. Feed formulation

Example of available modules training Poultry nutrition:

  1. Energy evaluation
  2. Layer and broiler breeder nutrition
  3. Protein and amino acid evaluation
  4. Intestinal health
  5. Feed processing
  6. Feed formulation

Example of available modules training Dairy nutrition:

  1. Construction of feeds and digestion
  2. Feed optimization
  3. Soil and fertilization
  4. Roughage production and quality
  5. Cow signals
  6. Control of milk production and composition
  7. Feed and water intake
  8. Nutrition and management of dry cows

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