Conditions for participation

Cancellation conditions

  • Cancelling of participation only in writing by letter, fax or e-mail to:
  • The costs of cancelation 7 to 21 days before (the first day of) the course are 50% of the participation fee.
  • In case of cancelation less than 7 days before the (first day of) the course the participation fee will not be refunded.


Payment is to be received by SFR within 30 days after invoicing and inclusive of VAT (with the exception of foreign companies if the VAT number is known to SFR) and at least 2 weeks before the training. Prices are not negotiable.

Hygiene protocol SFR

If a course or training is to take place in the main building of SFR, our hygiene protocol has to be taken into account. If you have been in an animal disease affected area (20 km Ø) in the past 72 hours, entry to our main building or facilities is not allowed and please contact us for further information.

Questions about training/organization/hygiene protocol (location SFR) can be directed to

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