Feedstuff table

The Schothorst Feed Research feedstuff list contains more than 400 feedstuffs and is updated yearly. The digital version of the feedstuff list is easily imported into different software packages for linear programming. The feedstuff list contains standard chemical compositions as well as specific nutrients from Schothorst Feed Research based on own research.

Energy systems

Energy values for the different animal categories are based on energy systems developed by Schothorst Feed Research and are regularly adjusted and updated. These feed stuff tables are unique because every feedstuff has different energy values for different animal species:

  • Poultry: metabolizable energy with different digestibility coefficients for broilers, laying hens and turkeys.
  • Swine: net energy system with different formulas and digestibility coefficients for piglets, gestation and lactating sows and growing-finishing pigs.
  • Ruminants: net energy system that calculates the requirements of glucogenic, lipogenic and amino nutrients. This takes into account rumen fermentation, intestinal digestion and absorption.

Practical like conditions

The Schothorst Feed Research feedstuff table is continuously updated and characterized by the way its values are determined in conditions that are comparable with actual practical application. Every year we perform trials in which feeding values are evaluated of many feedstuffs. This allows us to make a good ranking of the feedstuffs.