Advanced Feed Package

A solid and reliable feed evaluation system is the basis for optimal feed production. Profitability, animal performance, and animal health are greatly affected by the accuracy of feed evaluation systems. The feed industry needs to find the optimum balance between nutrient supply from feedstuffs and the nutrient requirements of high-yielding animals. The balance is continuously affected by developments in feed production and animal factors such as feed processing, animal genetics, animal health status, feedstuff quality, and legislation for feed production.

The Schothorst Feed Research Advanced Feed Package provides complete nutritional information for diet formulation, including nutrient requirements, feedstuff table, consultancy, research projects, and access to the nutritional information on the Schothorst Feed Research website. Continuous research is the backbone that supports the Advanced Feed Package of Schothorst Feed Research. We perform experiments and desk studies. This ensures an-up-to-date feed evaluation system and understanding of nutrient requirements for the different animal categories.

At this moment feed producers from about 25 countries make use of the knowledge of Schothorst Feed Research. They produce together about 8% of the world compound feed production. Schothorst Feed Research is focussing on growth of the Advanced Feed Package in west Europe and north east Asia.