From our office in Lelystad, every day 65 people work on the development of knowledge on livestock feed production (poultry, ruminant, swine). With our knowledge we are the institute for research on optimal animal nutrition taking animal health, environment, product quality and antibiotic reduction into account. 



Online document databaseSchothorst Feed Research puts renewed experimental facilities for broilers into operation.

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"All of this makes that the collaboration with Schothorst in the last 12 years for us has been very satisfactory"Suso Mendez, nutritionist Coren (Spain)
"Commercial nutritionist need to have an independent, trustworthy and scientifically orientated technical partner. AFGRI Animal feeds have found this assurance in our technical partners at Schothorts Feed Research"Dr. Franscois Crots, Technical & Sales Director Monogastric Nutrition
"With SFR’s inputs, we increased the accuracy of feed ingredients energy and nutrients values"Dr. Paul Lu R&D director DaChan Greatwall Group