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Ir. Lieuwe RoosenschoonCEOT +31(0)320 252 294E
Dr. Ir. Piet van der AarR&D directorT +31 (0)320 252 294E

Sales & Consultancy

Esther BergerManager Sales and ConsultancyE
Ir. Loek de LangeConsultant poultryT +31 (0)320 229 621E
Ir. Walter van HofstraetenConsultant poultryT +31 (0)320 252 294E
Dr. Piero AgostiniConsultant poultryT +31 (0)320 292 149E
Dr. Ir. Wilfried van StraalenResearch coordinator, researcher and consultant ruminantsT +31 (0)320 292 192E
Ir. Rolf SpeelmanConsultant ruminantsT +31 (0)320 292 193E
Dr. Jannes DoppenbergConsultant swineT +31 (0)320 229 620E
Ir. Gert HemkeConsultant swineE
Mark de WitteCourses, training and marketingT +31(0)612800728E
Karin van de Belt, MScCourses, training and communicationT +31 (0)320 292 148E

Research & Development

Dr. Francesc Molist GasaManager Research and DevelopmentT +31 (0)320 229 626E
Dr. Ir. Ellen van EerdenResearch coordinator and researcher poultry

Intestinal health | Alternatives for antibiotics |
Food safety | Registration trials

T +31 (0)320 229 622E
Ing. Cees KwakernaakResearcher poultry

Digestibility trials | Feed evaluation |
Nutrient requirements | Enzymes

T +31 (0)320 292 194E
Dr. Ir. Laura StarResearcher poultry

Laying hens | Broiler breeders |
Egg (shell) quality | Registration trials

T +31 (0)320 229 623E
Dr. Regiane SantosResearcher poultry


T +31 (0)320 252 294E
Dr. Piero AgostiniResearcher and consultant poultry

Ducks | Turkeys

T +31 (0)320 292 149E
Dr. Roger DavinResearcher poultry

Feed evaluation

T +31 (0)320 292 194E
Dr. Ir. Wilfried van StraalenResearch coordinator, consultant and researcher ruminants

Development feed evaluation | Nutrient requirements |
Milkproduction | Milkcomposition

T +31 (0)320 292 192E
Drs. Ant KoopmansResearch ruminants

Health and fertility | Young stock |
Dry period and transition management | Courses and training

T +31 (0)320 292 145E
Ir. Ivonne KokResearcher Ruminants

Milkproduction and milkcomposition |
Feed evaluation

T +31 (0)320 292 147E
Lydia Kroon, MScResearcher ruminants

Milkprodocution | milkcomposition |
Nutrition and environment

T +31 (0)320 252 294E
Xandra Benthem de Grave, MScResearcher swine

Sows | Courses and training

T +31 (0)320 292 190E
Xiaonan Guan, MScResearcher swine

PhD student | Challenge trials |
technical support

T +31 (0)320 292 146E
Meike Bouwhuis, PhDResearcher swine

Feed evaluation | Digestibility trials |
Nutrient requirements | Registration trials

T +31 (0)320 292 196E
Kristina Simon, PhDResearcher swineT +31(0)320 292 676E
Nico Kanis, BScMatrix coordinatorT 0320 229 627E

Project Office

Ing. Edwin BleumerManager ProjectofficeE
Ing Henk den HartighHead laboratoryE


Jack MorrenFarm manager poultryE
Herke PijlFarm manager ruminantsE
Jan Jaap HuismanFarm manager swineE


Anja JongejanManager StaffE


SFR training at the COFCO Head Quarters in BeijingSFR visits its clients

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"All of this makes that the collaboration with Schothorst in the last 12 years for us has been very satisfactory"Suso Mendez, nutritionist Coren (Spain)
"It is especially regarding the energy evaluation, and especially for alternative rawmaterials that we acquire knowledge from Schothorst. Fiber fraction is probably the area where there is the greatest difference between Danish and Dutch feed evaluation."Hans Aae, Group R&D Director at DLG Group
"Commercial nutritionist need to have an independent, trustworthy and scientifically orientated technical partner. AFGRI Animal feeds have found this assurance in our technical partners at Schothorts Feed Research"Dr. Franscois Crots, Technical & Sales Director Monogastric Nutrition
"With SFR’s inputs, we increased the accuracy of feed ingredients energy and nutrients values"Dr. Paul Lu R&D director DaChan Greatwall Group