Our activities

Our activities are focused on animal nutrition and comply:

  1. Research
  2. Nutritional advice
  3. Courses and training



We support clients to produce animal feed. Through effective collaboration with our clients, we can identify questions, challenges, and problems at an early stage. Thanks to close cooperation within an extensive network of institutes and experts, we can anticipate to the challenges that our clients face in the area of animal nutrition, economics, environment, product quality, welfare, animal health and reproduction.


Our team consists of over 65 members, of whom more than half have a University or University of Applied Sciences qualification. Our employees are specialized in research, consultancy, account management and laboratory work.

Our experts are specialized in one of the following areas:


Our research facilities comply with applicable national and European regulations for keeping animals for research. We also have laboratories, small scale and practical-scale facilities, allowing us to carry out the research process from basic research up to practical research.