Schothorst Feed Research offers opportunities for different types of internships and graduate subjects. If you would like to do an intership at Schothorst Feed Research we kindly ask you to fill in the application form belonging to the kind of internship you want to attend. After receiving the application form we will contact you about the opportunities.

Research internships/graduate subject

Schothorst Feed Research is an organisation that researches animal nutrition. Every year, we conduct a large number of experiments on poultry, ruminant, and swine nutrition. There are many opportunities to work on one or more of these experiments throughout the year. The objective of a research internship or graduate subject is to gain practical experience in research. As an intern/graduate, you assist with the data collection (feed weighing, animal weighing, sample collection), data processing and presenting the data in a report and/or presentation. 

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Laboratory internships

Schothorst Feed Research has an in-house laboratory in which analyses are performed for own research purposes as well as for third parties. Our laboratory is specialized in analyzing animal feed feedstuffs, animal feeds, and products of animal origin.

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Practical Internships

Schothorst Feed Research has its own research facilities for poultry, ruminants and swine. These animals need proper care. Schothorst Feed Research offers internship positions for those wanting to gain experience with animal care.

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